We are a full service salon and kennel registered and inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture on a routine basis.

Our main entrance is where we will greet you and your pet while we get to know you both better.  We will discuss what expectations and needs you have and come to a good understanding of what we can offer.

The salon is right upfront where everyone can enjoy watching the grooming process and spend time with the pets. Our groom clients do not spend the day in small kennels.  They are welcome to stay in the grooming room with the groomers or in in the day care rooms. Sometimes a few pets are more comfortable hanging out in our office or full kitchen area.  We strive to let each pet tell us what they enjoy best

The indoor day care rooms are to the right of the lobby.  There are glass doors and plenty of windows to enjoy the play.

The boarding area is to the left of the lobby with individual and group suites and the washing and drying area.  Behind the building is access to the outdoor play yard which is currently under construction.

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